M a s h u p s   &   r e m i x e s ,
b o t h   s t r a t e g i e s
b o r r o w e d   f r o m   t h e
m u s i c   w o r l d

Mashups & Remixes, both strategies borrowed from the music world, is an ongoing series in which I submit my collection of art books to a major recycling operation.

Each book is either internally remixed, or mashed-up with imported content, resulting in a collection of collaged book-objects, each of them acting as a mini-gallery for a stand-alone body of work. This type of object follows an illustrious example, the Boite-en-valise, created by Marcel Duchamp as a portable museum which opens to reveal a miniature collection of his works.

This platform is deliberately exempt from explanatory texts, to allow for a free and entertaining exploration, with the hope of stimulating further individual reflection.

Mashups & Remixes contains works in French, English, Italian, and wordless, all composed of analogue collages.